iR × Rollei Analog

» INFERNO RAGAZZI is not just a brand – it’s a lifestyle. «


Together with ROLLEI ANALOG we want to celebrate 10 years of good vibes with this recyclable black and white film disposable camera … just like in the good old days!
Capture moments you want to remember forever. Not with your Smartphone! With the camera you are holding in your hands right now! Create unique images that are captured on film with the unique look and feel of analog photography.

Share your moments if you like – we are curious about what you are planning to do all over the world. If you want to find out what else we do, just visit our Instagram pages @infernoragazzi & @rollei_analog .
Now get out there and take some wild shots!

Hands high, pants down – INFERNO RAGAZZI

The film is exposed! How do you get your pictures now?

Photo Lab

Give your camera into the professional hands of a photo lab technician you trust. The small photo labs are experienced with single-use cameras and will always give you the best results. In addition to your negatives, you are sure to receive very good scans of your pictures. Just look online to see which photo labs are in your area and support the craft of your region!



Of course, you can also develop the Rollei RPX 400 in the camera yourself. The best way to do this is to use the recommended Rollei chemicals and off you go! For information on the development of the Rollei RPX 400, please refer to the data sheet.



You can drop your camera off at any drugstore and have it developed. Please follow the instructions of the respective photo station in your local drugstore.