Black and white photos have a unique appeal. Whoever takes a closer look at them enters a whole new cosmos – because monochrome pictures are much more than just photos from which color has disappeared.

Every black and white image is a palette of different moods. The photographer’s eye is the benchmark; the correct reproduction of the image impression is essential. The photographer is spoilt for choice – between high contrast with saturated black and bright white or an infinite number of shades of grey. The choice is between warm tones or the reproduction of strong contrasts in soft shadows, between brilliant high-key images or the “freezing” of the finest details to a moment of overwhelming clarity.

Rollei has set itself the goal of creating a product range that enables both professional and amateur photographers to make full use of this creative freedom. Products which meet the high quality standards of the Rollei brand.



Founding of the “Werkstatt für Feinmechanik und Optik – Franke und Heidecke” in Braunschweig.

The founders are Paul Franke (*1888 – † 1950) and Reinhold Heidecke (* 1881 – †  1960)

Their vision: A new type of roll film camera.


The two founders presented the result of their long research and development work to the public in 1928: The twin-lens Rolleiflex.


Introduction of the ROLLEICORD.

With the ROLLEICORD, an inexpensive version of the ROLLEIFLEX, photography became accessible and affordable to a broad mass.


ROLLEIFLEX number 1.000.000 rolls off the production line. A sensation!

1950er & 60er

Rollei acquires a worldwide reputation as a precision manufacturer. In the 1950s and 1960s, Rolleiflex, together with Rollei, became a high-quality cult brand with a unique photographic style.


New foundation of Rollei Fototechnic GmbH. The company focuses on high-quality photo technology and customer-specific applications.


Rollei repositions itself. The motto of the hour is: “The new Rollei”


Hans O. Mahn GmbH & Co. KG becomes the licensee of the Rollei brand. This marks another milestone in the history of Rollei and the hour of birth of Rollei films, photo papers and photo chemicals.


The films it all started with:

Rollei PAN 25, Rollei INFRARED and Rollei R3.


The Rollei SUPERPAN 200 with its unique emulsion appears on the international market.

The Rollei ORTHO 25 plus has been specially developed for technical applications.

Brand new: Rollei Vintage papers are appearing for the first time and are inspiring renowned laboratories and photographers!


The Rollei RETRO 80S succeeds the RETRO 100 and quickly becomes the favorite of international photographers!

Rollei’s CREATIVE FILMS are launched. With their special properties and emulsions, they are ideal for creative and experimental photographers.

2011 / 2013

The RPX series appears on the international market and initially includes the Rollei RPX400 and RPX100.

2013 | The low-sensitivity Rollei RPX 25 completes the line of RPX films.


Release of the special limited edition Rollei Vario Chrome.
A versatile, medium-sensitivity color slide film that is especially suitable for low-light photography.


Inferno Ragazzi × Rollei Analog – the cooperation with the Hamburg fashion label Inferno Ragazzi resulted in a recyclable single-use camera. Pre-loaded with the popular Rollei RPX 400, equipped with a practical hand strap and an integrated flash, it is the perfect companion for the next party!


100 years of Rollei | We celebrate this with the limited film duo: Rollei Paul & Reinhold, named after the two founders Paul Franke and Reinhold Heidecke, whom we would like to thank for their work. They founded their company Rollei in 1920. 100 years later, in 2020, we are celebrating the brand’s anniversary. Two black-and-white negative films, both carrying the same film; just as the two founders carried a common vision.