Rollei Colorchem C-41 Kit

The Rollei COLORCHEM C-41 KIT is a processing kit for color negative development in standard C-41 process.

Available Sizes

1l-Kit for 12–16 Films
5l-Kit for 60–80 Films
Developing your own colour negative film is easy with the Rollei Colorchem C-41 kit.

Rollei Colorchem C-41 Kit

The C-41 film development process is a constant, uncomplicated development process that is temperature dependent. This means that it does not matter which ISO number is developed, because the process is always the same.

A good organization of the working materials is a must. The ROLLEI COLORCHEM C-41 KIT offers the highest quality and leads through the development of color negative films with detailed instructions.

The kit is also suitable for rotary processors, developing tanks and drums.


Processing is possible at 3 different temperatures:

1.  Alternative process at 25°C/77°F

2. Standard process at 38 °C/100.4°F

3. Rapid processing at 45 °C/113°F


Each COLORCHEM C-41 KIT contains Color Developer A | Color Developer B | Color Developer C | Bleach Fixer A | Bleach Fixer B | Stabilizer
A complete instruction manual with development times, shelf life and mixing instructions is also included.

Develop with the 1.000 ml kit about 12 – 16 films 135-36/120 roll films.