Rollei RXA

Rollei FIX ACID is a highly concentrated fixing agent based on ammonium thiosulphate. Its composition is ideal in terms of fixing speed, yield and durability.

Available Sizes

Simple to handle and easy to use in cans, tanks, trays and machines.

Rollei RXA

Rollei RXA is suitable for all grade-variable and grade-resistant black and white papers. Depending on the dilution, Rollei FIX ACID can be used as a normal or rapid fixing bath. It can be regenerated and is therefore ideally suited for machine processing.
For acid-free fixing of baryta papers, we recommend the use of Rollei FIX NEUTRAL



900 ml water  +  100 ml RXA = 1 l working solution | temp.: 20°C / 68°F



1000 ml RXA concentrate reaches for approx. 10 m² or 40 films