Rollei RCS

Rollei CITRO STOP is an odorless universal stop bath based on citric acid with an activity indicator.

Available Sizes

250 ml

Rollei RCS

When exhausted or contaminated, the light rose color (appears colorless in darkroom light) changes to magenta (appears dark in darkroom light). This allows the activity of the indicator stop bath to be easily and reliably checked.

Perfectly suited for processing liquid photo emulsions such as Rollei Black Magic.


The stop time for photo papers (RC & FB) and for black & white films is 1 minute.


Hint: After development, rinse the photographic material briefly with water before it enters the stop bath. This minimizes disturbing and respiratory tract-polluting emissions. The color indicator shows the state of exhaustion.




950 ml water + 50 ml RCS = 1 l working solution | temp.: 20°C / 68°F | agitation: 30 sec.



1.000 ml CITRO STOP concentrate reaches for approx. 30 m².