Rollei Black Magic

With Rollei BLACK MAGIC, exposing unconventional materials and surfaces is so easy. It is probably the most comprehensive photographic emulsion kit of its kind. Available as a normal graduated emulsion (RBM2) and variable contrast emulsion (RBM3).

300 ml
1 l

Rollei Black Magic

Available in two ready-to-use kits or as individual components. The kits contain all photochemicals for coating & developing of approx. 4 m². Rollei Black Magic 2 (fixed gradation) and Rollei Black Magic 3 (variable contrast) achieve the best results in combination with the Rollei Black Magic photo gelatine (RBM 4), the Rollei Black Magic hardener (RBM 5) and the recommended Rollei processing chemicals!



RBM 2 | The fixed-grade liquid photo emulsion offers an unsurpassed variety of applications. RBM2 is characterized by high edge sharpness and has a cold image tone due to its silver bromide halides. Excellent for coating glass plates.



RBM 3 | The variable-contrast liquid photo emulsion. RBM3 has variable contrast control and a neutral image tone due to its chloro-bromide silver halides. The desired contrast reproduction is infinitely variable within the gradations 1 (soft) to 4 (hard). This is controlled with VC filters, color mixing heads, or VC enlargers.


RBM 4 | A pure sealing photo gelatine for water-permeable surfaces.



RBM 5 | An additive hardener, free of formaldehyde and chromium potassium sulfate due to a new formula and acts as a powerful hardener.



The entire product system is powered by the proven Rollei photochemistry, which delivers outstanding results.
Rollei RPN Print Neutral
is the ideal paper developer for all standard applications in the B&W photo lab.
Rollei RCS Citro Stop is an odorless universal stop bath based on citric acid with an activity indicator.
Rollei RXN Fix Neutral is a powerful and odorless fixing bath with a neutral pH value.

The following surfaces can be exposed: Absorbent materials such as fabric, paper, or wood, smooth and/or hard surfaces such as polished stone, glass, or metal.