Rollei RXN

Rollei FIX NEUTRAL is a powerful and low-odor fixing bath with a neutral pH value.

Available Sizes

250 ml

Rollei RXN

RXN is specially designed for the archive-proof processing of baryta paper. However, it is also suitable for fixing PE papers, black-and-white films as well as liquid photo emulsions like Rollei Black Magic.


If RXN is used for films, the following applies: Stop bath required, except for pyro developers (e.g. PMK, Tanol, etc.)


Hint: RXN shortens the rinsing time of baryta papers. Rinse the developer solution briefly with clear water from the paper, then add it to the stop bath. This further minimizes the odor.



800 ml water +  200 ml RXN = 1 l working solution | temp. 20°C / 68°F



1000 ml RXN concentrate reaches for approx. 10 m² or 40 films